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Nufree Finipil 50 Lait 1.5oz


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NuFree Finipil 50 Lait Individual Tube with NEW individual instruction labels on each tube! Sell to your customers to use at home. Makes an excellent base under your makeup. Finipil not only destroys 99.99% of bacteria, while instantly cooling, protecting and shrinking the empty hair follicles, but it has also been proven to slow hair regrowth and stop ingrown hairs, when used on a daily basis. Finipil also has other uses. You can use patented Finipil anywhere you need antibacterial & antimicrobial quality along with instant cooling and soothing.

• Burns - use on burns, prevents scars.

• Hands - use on your hands for a quick germ killing lotion, without the dryness of alcohols.

• Feet - heals and soothes cuticle damage, kills fungus, a great product to use on feet at the health club.

• Reduces Swelling (of tired feet)

• Soothes Chapped Lips (great for cold sores)


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